Operating a Business during the Sale Process

When a business goes on the market, it is imperative that the business operate as smoothly as possible to maintain customers and revenue. Overall performance has a dramatic effect on the sale price of an existing business. A declining business is not likely to be sold at all. So how is an owner supposed to operate the business and try to sell it at the same time?

A Business Broker

The answer is not to attempt to sell a business while operating it. That is what business brokers are hired to accomplish. Their focus is to sell the business while the owner continues to run it. A smart buyer will not spend money on a business that is under-staffed, not stocked, and unraveling by the day.

Another reason to enlist the services of a broker is for a professional valuation of the business. A thorough valuation informs the asking price and identifies changes that can increase the value of the business. Preparation for selling the business has a direct impact on how long the business will be on the market. The more attractive the business, the quicker it will sell in most cases.


Most business owners have no experience selling a business. They can start one, build it up, make it successful, and improve and expand it over the years, but negotiating the pricing and terms of a sale is beyond them. Buyers, on the other hand, typically have years of experience buying and selling businesses.

If they do not, they have the capital to hire a broker who is a cut above the rest. That is why sellers need business brokers Houston to represent them. Their experience creates a balance in negotiations. The sellers will not be taken advantage of with the help of brokers.

Finding Buyers

Brokers can reach more potential buyers than business owners can because they are familiar with which type of buyer is attracted to what businesses. Large corporate buyers, for example, are only interested in businesses that can add to their revenues of fill a niche among their other businesses. A specialty coffee shop may fill a gap in a collection of small local businesses in an area of interest for some buyers.


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